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Exact i butik is a Swedish company that has been operating since 2003. We are the market leader in shopping carts, shopping baskets, trolley shelters and other products in retail logistics. We have, through our partnership with the leading suppliers in these fields, a broad product portfolio to offer. We have imports from 8 countries in Europe and overseas.

Within the company we have more than 80 years of combined experience working with shopping carts and other products. Our basic idea is to develop profitable solutions for your store that makes it easier for you as a store owner, and that increase customer value and improve the shopping experience.

We have EXACTly what you need!

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Email: info@exactibutik.se
Phone: +46 (0)8 594 309 30

What do our customers say?

In retailing circles, we talk a lot about increasing impulse purchases. I think people underestimate the importance of having a proper configuration with respect to shopping trolleys/shopping baskets in terms of sizes and quantities in order to affect this. I have been helped with a very good solution in my shop and am noticing the specific positive effect it is having.

Robert Börjesson, ICA Supermarket Sävja

Two things are very important for me regarding our shopping trolleys. One thing is to have different types and sizes of shopping trolleys suitable for different customer needs. The other thing is to have a well-organized trolley parking at the entrance.

Urban Malm, ICA MAXI Stormarknad Uppsala

Our core competence

Shop logistics 90
Customer benefit 95
Profitable solutions 85
Industrial products 75

Some facts about shopping trolleys

A couple of years ago, the general concept of a shopping trolley hanged. Previously, a shopping trolley was something that was just used to facilitate the collection and moving of a customer’s goods from the shelves to the check-out counter. In the present consumer society, where the competition between shops in tough as nails, a shopping trolley must become a part of the trademark, and communicate a sense of added value and quality to the customers. The purchasing experience must be reinforced with the use of a shopping trolley.

At Exact i Butik, we know that a shopping trolley is not just a shopping trolley. It is to the very highest degree a part of your shop’s marketing and communications. With the right shopping trolley, you can communicate a message to your customers that involves them returning to your shop, year after year.

Do you operate a shop selling food products, and would you like to offer your customers a new experience of a shopping trolley, or a traditional and familiar sense of a shopping trolley?
Exact i Butik can help you find the exact shopping trolley that suits precisely your grocery shopping centre.

For retail shops there is also a large selection of shopping trolleys that are adapted for different types of businesses, everything from the handling of flowers and consumer electronics to the handling of, for example, heavy building materials.


As a shop owner, should I choose a small or large shopping trolley? Or can I offer both?
Obviously, you can offer your customers both a large and small shopping trolley to make their purchases with. In general, people purchase neither more effectively nor more if there only are large shopping trolleys. Different people have different needs for specific shopping trolleys, and to be able to offer a broad range thus is a good approach.


At Exact i Butik, in addition to environmentally attractive and flexible trolleys you also have the possibility to order shopping trolleys in a specific colour. This specific possibility opens up not only a new type of trademark construction and customised profiling of your shop, but also freshens up and renews the visual impression made inside the shop.


Regardless of whether you desire a modern and innovative shopping trolley or a more traditional and classic one, you can trust that your shopping trolley possesses the characteristics that are needed for your shop to function optimally. A shopping trolley of plastic is easy to steer and has fantastic handling characteristics. The noise from a shopping trolley you purchase from Exact is low and of minimal annoyance to customers.

Let us help you strengthen your relationship with your customers, by using the right type of shopping trolley.

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