Display solutions for Fruit & Vegetables, Deli, Bread

Interior display from Arrebo – Bakery

The products are designed and produced in Italy from precious and recyclable materials and with low environmental impact.

Exhibit your environmental awareness with display baskets of natural materials!

Consideration for nature and environmental awareness are a part of modern life. This is a trend that is only increasing with climate change becoming much more tangible. To counteract the current pace, people are choosing ecological and environmentally friendly solutions.  Consideration for the environment is increasing in different areas, especially when people do their daily shopping. More and more customers are choosing to not use plastic bags and are choosing more environmentally friendly alternatives. Natural products must be presented naturally, and baskets of natural materials are expected by many customers.

Hence we have begun selling natural baskets of willow from Hansen Korbwaren. Our supplier offers complete stands with round or rectangular baskets as well as display solutions in the form of pallet basket sets. You can see the entire line here.

An alternative to baskets of natural materials is our deli baskets from TraiTech that are machine-washable. California Trays® (Deli baskets) Maximise your revenues – See why!

FDA-approved California Trays® (Deli baskets) for display of Fruit & Vegetables, etc., can play an important role in your Fruit & Vegetable department. This revolutionary manner of displaying goods solves many of the problems of all of the large grocery chains when it comes to keeping the products fresh. California Trays are also called Noodle baskets. Material LDPE.

More information on liability for food safety can be found here. Information on FDA Certificates can be found here.

California Trays® (Deli baskets) provide superior ventilation and drainage:
> In refrigerated counters, you get more effective cooling and good drainage as well as increased shelf life for the products.
> CaliforniaTrays R does not get mouldy, can be machine-washed and has a very long life span.
> For displays without refrigeration, you get more effective removal of ethylene gas and an increased life span for the products.

California Trays® (Deli baskets) are available with raised bottoms:
> Reduces the quantity of goods in the display by 15-25%
> Makes a well-stocked impression in the Fruit & Vegetables department
> Increase the rate of turnover in the display, making for less waste
> Reduces personnel costs for attending to waste

California Trays® (Deli baskets) provides a permanent solution for the display of goods:
> Fewer working hours spent tidying up in the department.
> Frees up labour for more productive activities
> Eliminates handmade constructions of cardboard boxes, separators and holders

California Trays® (Deli baskets) is FDA-approved for direct contact with food products:
> Available in selectable sizes and shapes in the following standard colours
White: WHT, Brown: BRN, Mid Brown: FOO, Wicker: WKR, Beige: BGE, Silver: SIL, Green: GRN, Purple: PUR, Black: BLK
Colour example (7MB)

Together with you, we can develop a display system that suits your specific needs:
> for better rate of turnover
> for better inventory management
> for better work supervision
> for goods displays that sell

Straight-sided deli baskets

Here, you will find deli baskets with straight edges in different designs that are not stackable.  Perfect for a smaller display surface where the baskets must be arranged to stand close to each other.