Environmental Policy

Exact i Butik AB works to create confidence in our business by customers, employees, the general public and governmental authorities. We integrate environmental issues into our business by systematically working with investigating the environment, undertaking risk assessments, addressing any possible deficiencies and verifying such measures.

Exact i Butik AB will follow applicable environmental legislation as well as those laws, ordinances and regulations that affect us. We are constantly kept updated through the Lagvakten cloud-based legal service.

Exact i Butik AB constantly strives to improve its environmental work and reduce the company’s energy consumption, as well as to find more environmentally friendly products from our suppliers. We also strive to use items that pose the least possible hazards, and choose environmentally labelled alternatives in our purchasing whenever possible.

Exact i Butik AB will also increase the knowledge and awareness of our employees through training, informing and stimulating our personnel to make commitments, participate in and take responsibility for work with the environment.

Exact i Butik AB recycles and sorts waste whenever possible, as well as ensuring that environmentally hazardous waste is handled in a safe manner.

Environmental assessments must if possible be made in advance of purchases of new products and the concept of prudence must then be applied. This can be achieved by striving in the manufacturing to reduce the use of natural resources, reduce waste and recycle products as materials or energy.

In the development of products, regard must be paid to reducing their environmental effects during their life cycles.

These goals shall be attained by developing procedures for assessing the results of our work with the environment.

All employees, customers, governmental authorities and suppliers will have access to information via Exact i Butik’s Web site.