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Caddie Children’s Shopping Trolley

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260.00 kr1,275.00 kr

For your future customers!

When the children are satisfied, then the parents can do their shopping in peace and quiet. Caddie produces trolleys that satisfy the needs of children to play while at the same time functioning perfectly for shopping.

With this trolley, children can both play that they are shopping or fill the trolley with their ”own” goods.
Corner protection are available as accessories. They protect not only the trolley but even the interior against bumps from the trolley.

The price for the child trolley with Caddiroc in red, Ergosticks, flagg and protective corners is for example 1855,- kr.

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Caddie Children’s Shopping Trolley

  • Nestable for flexible handling.
  • Plastic details and handle in red or green
  • Delivered bright zinc plated or lacquered in a colour
  • Flag and corner protection available as accessories
  • Capacity: 20 L.
  • Nesting length: 15.5 cm