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Multi Trolley 6.0

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4,195.00 kr4,895.00 kr

Multi Trolley is an innovation.
Rather than heavy lifting and carrying e.g. a table, simply mount the trolley onto the item instead. This easy method is both unique and patent-protected.

Multi Trolley simplifies the job at hand. One person with a Multi Trolley does the work of two people. This means faster and more cost-effective handling when moving heavy and awkward furniture.

Multi Trolley improves your working environment. Its ergonomic technique reduces the risk of injuries and fully complies with EEC manual handling requirements (90/269/EEC).

“Research shows that 4 out of 5 people suffer from back pain at some point in their
lives. A job involving heavy lifting signifi cantly increases the likelihood of back injury. Multi Trolley’s unique and ergonomic working method, in the form of a trolley, saves both your back and your money.”

Max. load: 250 kg

Manufactured in 2 mm steel profile.

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Standard 6.0 Worker 6.0
Length780 mm780 mm
Width420 mm520 mm
Adjustable posts760 mm760 & 560 mm
Fixed poles420 mm420 mm
Weight12 kg16 kg