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Polycart plastic trolley P75

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Polycart plastic trolley P75 of recyclable Plastic – An alternative to roller baskets!

Polycart P75 is the newest model of the noiseless and safe lightweight shopping trolley with an incredibly short nesting length of only 10.5cm. In terms of its size an alternative to the roller basket, the Polycart P75 is however much more convenient for the customers to use.

Polycart is sustainable. The production process is clean and the trolley is made of recyclable PP. With the Polycart’s long lifespan, it keeps the service costs to a minimum.

Standard colour of the shopping trolley is anthracite with back piece in red.

Please contact us for further information.

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16 in stock (can be backordered)


Polycart plastic trolley P75 in recyclable PP

  • Material: Recyclable PP
  • Volume: 78L
  • Width: 550mm
  • Length: 669mm
  • Nesting length: 10.5cm !!!
  • 100mm-wheel with plastic fork
  • Display on standard handle included
  • Standard lock fits standard handle

Polycart colour info:
Standard colour of the basket is anthracite (RAL 7015), other colours are available: RAL 3000 (red), RAL 5002 (blue), RAL 6024 (green) and RAL 2004 (orange). Minimum order quantity 250 pcs.


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