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455.00 kr

Designed for customers who self-scan and to fit 2 normal-size scanning bags, this basket makes shopping a better expe-rience for your customers.
By default, the basket comes with 4 moving and powerful 50 mm wheels, which makes the basket very easy to drive.
Thanks to the fact that the wheels are ball-bearing both in the wheel track and swivel ring, the noise level in the shop is reduced.
There is room for decals both on the handle and on the sides of the basket.
The basket always comes with an unassembled handle to re-duce shipping costs.
Packaging unit 10 pcs with handles in separate carton.

Basket L 58 x W 43 x H (rear) 46.5 / (front) 41 cm
Height at handle 93 cm
Stacking: 9 cm

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Properties / Advantages

  • Integrated scanner holder in the handle
  • Fits 2 standard-sized scanning bags
  • 4 ball-bearing and swivelling wheels – lower noise level• Capacity 90 l
  • Place for stickers on handle and on the basket sides
  • The wheels are easy to service and replace
  • Weight 4 kg
  • Recommended quantity per stack: 8 pcs