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Shopping Trolley Compact Plus 90L

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1,555.00 kr

Compact Plus 90L without lower shelf

A newly developed trolley with compact dimensions and with short nesting that can be accommodated in even the smallest shops. Also excellent as a complement to lager trolleys. The trolley is very stable and easy to handle.

Delivered with a bright zinc plated chassis and QPC coated basket.

The trolley is delivered with an Ovaly handle in black, transparent plastic moulding to protect the basket edge against oxidation and corner protection in grey anthracite in order to protect
the interior equipment. Lock and display are available as accessories as well as Ergosticks handle sides.

For delivery times please contact our customer service at tel. +46-8-594 309 30.

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Compact Plus 90L without lower shelf

  • Wheel: 125 mm
  • Nesting length: 19 cm
  • 10 nesting trolleys: 2.46 m
  • Trolley lock can be mounted
  • Volume: 90L
  • Width at handle: 530 mm