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Shopping trolley Scan4 140L

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Shopping trolley Scan 4 140L with a lower basket edge and a design is suitable for scanning bags.

The design with a lower basket makes it significantly easier to lift the bags out of the trolley. With the compact format of the trolley, you have a trolley that is optimum to steer, but very spacious at the same time. The trolley is equipped with a separate basket with a child seat in anthracite. This involves all the bags being able to be used in an efficient manner without the space in the basket being blocked by the child.

If no child is sitting in the basket, then it functions as an extra basket, perfect for when you are scanning fruit and vegetables or as a place to put goods that you are extra protective about.

Delivered bright zinc plated, with an Ovaly handle, and with transparent plastic moulding to protect the basket edge against oxidation and corner protection in grey anthracite to protect the interior.

Wheels are with 125 mm precision ball bearings and wheel roller in TPE, for best possible strength and comfort.

A number of accessories are available such as another colour for plastic details and handles, Euroloc shopping trolley lock, safety belt for children, Trolleymatic handle, different RelaXT handles, with holder for scanner and coffee mug.
Anthracite QPC-lacquer (quality powder coating) available as an option.

For delivery times, please contact our customer service at tel. +46-8-594 309 30.

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Shopping trolley Scan4 140L

  • Wheels: 125 mm precision ball bearings
  • Nesting length: 20 cm
  • 10 nested trolleys: 3.10 m