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Smart Wheel

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This product is not available online. Please contact us for more information about how Smart Wheel can work for your shop!

The costs of shopping trolleys being exposed to possible damage or theft is significant for many shops. With a price of approx. SEK 800 – 1,200 per shopping trolley, replenishing, repairing and fetching shopping trolleys involves an accelerating cost. However, the biggest problem for the shop is lower impulse purchases if the shopping trolleys are not available and the customer takes a shopping basket instead.

With Smart Wheel, which functions digitally, you can eliminate this problem. When Smart Wheel is installed, a signal cable is buried or countersunk around a parking lot or a specific surface.

This signal cable is connected to an electronic box that transmits a low-frequency signal.
When trolley with a Smart Wheel mounted approaches the invisible boundary, the receiver in the wheel is activated and the trolley stops.

The personnel can easily unlock the wheel with a remote control and then trolley is then back in operation.

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  • Creates order in your shopping trolley fleet
  • Makes it difficult to steal your shopping trolleys
  • Reduces damages to a minimum