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Stabil Ergo

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6,350.00 kr

Stabil Ergo with flexible upper shelf level is a good solution for facilitating the work and for avoiding work-related injuries. Stabil Ergo is delivered with a black Ovaly handle. Decal for fish dept. (blue), meat dept. (red) or fruit/vegetable dept. (green) is included.


The working height will change with the load. At 100kg, the upper shelf drops to its lowest position. The top shelf can also easily be folded away so it is not in the way when the lower level is being loaded and unloaded.

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Stabil Ergo

  • Total length: 875 mm
  • Width: 525 mm
  • Height/handle: 975 mm
  • Height/shelf level: 785 mm
  • Load capacity: 400 kg
  • Wheel: ball bearing 125×30 mm

  • Ovaly handle with decal included
  • Spring unit for simpler setting of the resistance on the top shelf
  • Directionally confined wheel for heavy loads
  • Closely meshed shelf
  • Attenuating moulding for quieter operation
  • Design is without plastic plugs, which develop cracks
  • Durable lacquer

Surface treatment: Powder lacquer