Quality Assurance Policy

Exact i Butik is a 100% Swedish company that has been in operation since 2003. We are market leaders in shopping trolleys, shopping baskets, shopping trolley garages and other products involving shop logistics. Through our working relationships with leading suppliers in these areas, we have a broad product line to offer. We import from 8 different countries.

In-house, we possess more than 80 years of cumulative experience in working with shopping trolleys as well as other products. Our core concept is to produce profitable solutions for shops that make it easy for shop owners to increase customer value and enhance the shopping experience.

This quality assurance policy expresses EXACT I BUTIK AB’s fundamental values and comprises the basis for EXACT I BUTIK AB’s quality assurance system.


  • Always treat our customers and contact persons in a high-quality and professional manner such that specified requirements are satisfied and that we consequently become the obvious first choice as a supplier.
  • Work to continuously improve our quality assurance work through actively formulating quality assurance goals based on the empirical details of our processes.
  • Continually develop the competences of our employees through training and thereby to have competent and committed personnel who take responsibility for the tasks they perform.
  • Deliver our products as per stipulated verification instructions based upon the customer’s requirements.
  • Establish methods for evaluating whether our customers are satisfied.
  • Handle deviations and complaints quickly and effectively in our reporting services.
  • Work in a preventive manner with risk analyses in order to avoid deficiencies and complaints.
  • Be clear about requirements specifications for our suppliers and to continually assess whether the requirements are being fulfilled.
  • We will undertake to ensure that applicable requirements in laws, ordinances and regulations are adhered to.
  • Have satisfactory liability insurance.