AlKuTec is Germany’s leading manufacturer of shopping trolley garages. In their products, they combine German quality that suits the Nordic climate with flexibility, which enables them to fit in everywhere. Since 2018 AlKuTec parkboxes have been distributed by AlKuTec’s subsidiary Bovend.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of shopping trolleys and equipment on wheels, Caddie is a key supplier to both the retail trade as well as airports, hotels, restaurants, industry and the care sector. Caddie is a registered trademark in more than 70 countries and delivers products over the entire world, with quality that is unsurpassed.


With products such as QuicKart and Power Pal, the company has revolutionised the laborious process of gathering together shopping trolleys and transporting heavier wheeled equipment at for example hypermarkets, airports and hospitals. Dane Industries focuses on solutions that make the workplace safer and the work more cost-effective.


DSE – Danish Sign Export
DSE is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of professional signs and displays for trade fairs and exhibitions. They also have products such as sandwich boards and advertising signs or walls, shopping windows, etc.


Easylift i Linköping AB is a Swedish team of engineers that has produced a shopping basket lift that is suitable for all check-out counters, which can be adapted to most shopping baskets and which work with automatic sensors.


Fi-MA has established itself through its quality and Italian design as Europe’s largest manufacturer of shopping trolley garages and environmental products for shopping centres. The company is constantly developing new products and solution that stand out due to their functionality and modern design.


By applying the latest modern technology, this company offers effective and easily manageable solutions for shopping trolley management. After its success with SmartWheel, Gatekeeper is one of the world’s fastest growing companies in anti-theft systems.

McCue is a leading manufacturer of products providing solid protection against damages from collision impacts in your shop, warehouse, parking spaces and loading areas, and keeps them and your equipment fresh longer. The product range is large with everything from bumpers for walls and floor-mounted equipment. We at Exact i Butik are exclusive resellers of McCue bumpers in Sweden.


Polycart is a leading manufacturer of plastic shopping trolleys and has many years of experience in producing plastic parts for, among others, the vehicle industry. They have a broad line of plastic shopping trolleys in different styles and sizes depending upon the customer’s desires. Polycart’s shopping trolleys are chiefly produced of recyclable plastic in their own factory in Spain.

This Spanish company manufactures customer-friendly shopping baskets with and without wheels. They are putting their efforts into creative and ergonomic solutions without compromising on the design or quality.

Silverstone is one of Europe’s most complete suppliers of equipment for easy handling of materials. Its headquarters and warehouse are located in Ljungby. A broad product line with high availability and a high level of product expertise makes Silverstone a very valuable working partner.


Since it was founded in 1981, the company has established itself as a market leader with exports to more than 45 countries. The different solutions offered by Systec meets the different needs that exist today in the retail trade. New innovations also contribute in a positive manner to a shop’s profiling and marketing.


Edge Food Equipment Inc. / CALIFORNIA TRAYS®
Edge Food Equipment’s patented FDA approved California Trays® for display of Fruit & Vegetables, etc., can play an important role in your Fruit & Vegetable department.  This revolutionary manner of displaying goods solves many of the problems of all of the large grocery chains when it comes to keeping the products fresh.

Viaguide is a leading producer of guidance systems, information systems and electronic queuing management solutions. Certain system components can even be combined for as a parking area for shopping trolleys.