All our shopping trolleys

We have shopping trolleys in all sizes that are suitable for small shops and large hypermarkets, as well as warehouse and picking trolleys for specialist shops. In addition to shopping trolleys from leading suppliers such as Caddie and Polycart, we also develop and manufacture our own shopping trolleys.

Most of our shopping trolleys can be equipped with various accessories such as ergonomic handles, displays with maps or advertising, locks, plastic moulding, wheel locks, crate holders, children’s seats, fresh goods separators, etc. We have shopping trolleys with and without lower shelves.

Caddie line

At Exact i Butik, we are a distributor for Caddie, one of Europe’s leading shopping trolley manufacturers. We are able to offer a broad selection of shopping trolleys and accessories from their full product line. These shopping trolleys meet very high standards for quality.

Scan line

Our Scan line consists of scanning trolleys of two different sizes, for 3, 4 or 5 bags. Lower basket edges make it easier to load the scanning bags in and out. The trolleys can be equipped with different types of handles.

Compact line

Compact is a line of smaller trolleys, perfect for the small shop, but also as a complement to larger trolleys in a large shop. Compact trolleys are delivered zinc-coated as the standard, but are also available in selectable colours with a standard or ergonomic Ovaly handle.

Polycart line

Polycart is a noiseless and safe lightweight shopping trolley that is extremely convenient for customers to use, which means that they stay longer in the shop and purchase more.

Polycart is also environmentally friendly. The manufacturing process is immaculate and the shopping trolley is completely produced from recyclable plastic. Polycart has a long lifespan and the service costs are minimal.

Scandinavia line

The Scandinavia line is our own line of shopping trolleys produced in accordance with the specific requirements for ergonomics, quality and durability that reign in the Scandinavian market. What characterises the Scandinavia line is that it is broader and shallower in comparison with trolleys produced for the rest of the European market.